March 26, 2005

Frank replies # 2

>Your thin-skinned defensiviness is showing. Sure, I'm
>jokey and sarcastic at times but I don't need to take
>any college courses because I'm not thinking what you
>think I'm thinking. If I didn't bring up what you
>think I should have in my last email, it's not because
>I think only I have a lock on the truth. It's because
>I don't think what your saying is relevant. You quote
>the "union of orthodox rabbis". I respect all people
>of faith who take a consistant pro-life stance but,
>no, I do not find the rabbis' statement very
>convincing. And as you may already know, I don't give
>a fuck what Alan Dershowitz thinks. I'm glad that a
>lot of famous people seem to agree with you but as an
>argument it has no validity and doesn't prove your
>As the cops like to say, "Tell it to the judge". For
>the last 7 years the only people who matter in this
>case have been doing just that. The husband started
>the legal process in 1998. He has been accused of
>lying since at least April of 2001 (source "Tampa Bay
>Online). A close friend of Terri Schiavo reveals that
>she saw bruises on Terri in 1990. Boy, you're waiting
>15 years to come forward but maybe we should tell a
>judge about it !! Wait... maybe we shouldn't do that
>because, as Schiavo's father says "The judges are
>running this country," (quoted in the Washington
>Post). Maybe we should let the chattering classses
>decide. I'm glad the parents used the system to fight
>for what they believe in. Let's see if those nurses
>and other haters of Michael Shiavo do the same.
>Because if Newsmax and the Larry King Show are the
>only forums that they have the balls to state their
>claim in then it's not just hot air, it's slander.

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