March 27, 2005

Hanza 1

Damn dude.. and I thought YOU were the smarter child.
Are you sure you don't give a fuck what Alan Deshowitz thinks??? I
think you dooooooo.
Why hasn't anyone used the word Euthenasia? Or talked more about
Oregon's progressive right to die laws. Or the Netherlands?
If anyone really cared about the bigger picture they would take bigger
steps. I think it was our beloved Barney Frank that said something
Why do represenitives who have a BS act like they have an MD.
The experts have spoken on all sides. The freaks that don't believe
this could happen in their country are the same assholes (that you voted
for) that want to bring this country back to the Donna Reed show. Sadly
I blame christianity. Pope made me laugh today though..
Are you bothered that they keep calling it starvation when medical
ethics experts have concluded that feeding tube removal is a very peaceful
and calm way to go.
We're finally getting some rain and it's a nice change.
I saw a local guy bust out a mean Kill The Poor on accordian last week.
Its was remarkable.. like note 4 note.

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