March 25, 2005

Raphael speaks

what is stopping michael shiavo from letting terri's parents take care of her at their own dime. that she wanted to die is based on his word only, and even if she did say it, he still could be the bigger man and turn her over to her parents' care.
or when the children of holocaust survivors root for slow death by starvation
is it a no-hearter?

or was no-brainer self referential?

> Friend: Terri Often Had Bruises

> A close friend of Terri Schiavo's said that she
> often appeared bruised in
> the months before she was found unconscious in
> her
> St. Petersburg, Florida
> home on Feb. 25, 1990.

> "I did notice bruises on her upper arms and
> upper legs," Jackie Rhodes told
> Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren. Rhodes
> and Schiavo worked together at
> a local insurance office.

> At the time, Rhodes said, she attributed Terri's
> frequent bruising "to maybe
> running into the desk at work or, you know,
> maybe she was extra-sensitive."

> "But now, hindsight tells me that I did see them
> quite frequently and that
> they may have been more than just a bump into
> the desk," she added.

> "They were mostly bruises where normally they
> would be covered up, you know,
> during the work day," she explained. "They were
> smaller bruises, like maybe
> someone had grabbed her or, you know, like,
> squeezed her arm or leg really tight."

> On Friday Rhodes revealed that Terri and her
> husband had an ugly argument
> that night before she was was discovered
> unconscious on her bathroom floor,
> and had called her in tears to report the fight.

> Rhodes said Terri and Micheal had already
> discussed getting a divorce.

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